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We   design   and   build   websites   to   cater   for   a   wide   range of business niches and professions. All    our    website    products    are    built    using    the    latest HTML5    and    CSS3    responsive    technologies    –    which means   that   the   display   automatically   adjusts   to   fit   the screen size of the browsing device. And   the   best   part   of   all   is   that   our   prices   start   from just £97  - which includes installation.
With   almost   2   billion   smartphone   users   in   the   world today   it   is   hardly   surprising   that   mobile   browsing   has overtaken desktop browsing. We   build   top   of   the   range   mobile   websites   that   rank   in the   search   engines   and   get   your   business   noticed   with Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. But   our   prices   are   not   top   of   the   range.      Our   mobile websites cost from just £49 complete. 
We     offer     a     range     of     business     services     including “business    in    a    box”    niche    website    products,    instant work    from    home    packages,    web    hosting,    prestigious domain   names,   bulk   email   and   text   marketing,   video training and video production. Our    niche    business    packages    can    provide    an    instant website presence for any trade or profession. Professional products  - at no so professional prices.
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Cathay    Internet    provide    high    quality    custom    built    websites    and    related business    solutions    for    global    clients    of    all    sizes    ranging    from    a    one    man business start-up to an international airline. Our   expertise   lies   in   creating   impressive   eye   catching   products   without   the eye watering prices charged by so many other professional designers. Our   products   might   be   low   cost   by   comparison   –   but   they   definitely   don’t   look cheap! And   with   us   you   only   pay   for   the   product   you   buy   –   not   for   glitzy   offices   or executives flashy cars  -  and the like! And   with   our   “love   it   or   shove   it”   policy   we   guarantee   that   if   you   are   not   100% happy with anything you buy from us then you pay nothing.
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